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Marya headshot As a columnist and journalist for over a decade, I told stories that entertained and educated the community. During this time, I developed a super-power: knowing just the right questions to ask. That’s how I found rich, compelling stories — by asking insightful questions that got to the heart of things.

When I taught college writing, I used a similar process of asking questions to help my students write narrative essays about their personal experiences. “There’s a quest in every question,” I told them. Students said writing these essays was painless because my method “tricked” them; the magic, really, was that answering my questions was quicker and easier than procrastinating and mulling over what to write. Over the years my students wrote about their experiences. Humorous, traumatic, inspiring: these stories ran the gamut. In the process, students almost always arrived at new realizations that helped them better understand the experience and themselves. I saw these writers heal old wounds and find new strength. Often, students went on to publish these stories so that others could benefit from them, too.

Marya TreeI also nurtured independent creative projects. I was poet-in-residence at a the Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, where I created poetry installations and community poetry projects. I performed poetry on stages across the country in competitions (poetry slams) and as a featured poet. I’ve written songs, performed as a singer and guitar player in a band, and even done some improv comedy and ensemble work. And during all this creative work, I kept asking questions to understand the creative process better.

And you know what? I found answers.

Now, I help writers by sharing with them the things I’ve learned on my path to healing the dysfunctional relationship I had with my creativity. I also help writers and regular people (let’s face it: writers aren’t regular people) find the heart and structure of their stories, write their stories, and finish their stories. Whether your story is book length or just a few pages, my methods will work their magic for you too.

I offer writing classes, workshops and retreats for writers of all levels on a variety of subjects, all aimed to inspire and develop your writing and help you create a new, deeper and more satisfying relationship with your creativity.


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Writing East to West A Yogic Approach to Writing PDF

Marya Summers Where Wind Belongs Tiferet Fall 2017


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